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Welcome to Nextacular!

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SaaS Features

Packaged Out of the Box

Building Multi-tenant SaaS apps should be easy


Login with magic links sent via email and customize other sign in methods via Next-Auth, such as login with Facebook, Github, Twitter, and others

Database Integration

Integrate your existing relational databases, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Aurora, and others to easily store and retrieve data

Teams & Workspaces

Invite team members to workspaces


Serve multiple customers across different subdomains/custom domains with a single unified codebase

Landing Page

Modify existing landing page to suit your needs

Billing & Subscription

Connect your Stripe account to start receiving payments from your customers with the power of webhooks and APIs

Simple Design Components

Built with Tailwind CSS, design can be configured according to your design system


Next.JS comes with support for handling SEO in each rendered page and we got you covered

Developer Experience

Nextacular is highly configurable and customizable to suit your needs

Email Handling

Connect your favorite email delivery service provider, such as SendGrid, Mailgun, and SES

Extensive Documentation

The documentation will be your best friend in building your next SaaS project

Development Roadmap

Discover more updates via our development roadmap and upvote to prioritize features development

Tailwind CSS
Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?

These might be the answers you were looking for

What is the tech stack of Nextacular?

Nextacular is mainly built on top of Next.JS + Prisma for the development of full-stack SaaS platforms. These are modern technologies where you can integrate other available services. In this boilerplate, the following services are integrated: Stripe, Tailwind CSS, and some external NPM libraries. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Can I use Nextacular for my client projects?

Yes, you definitely can! Nextacular is an open-source project distributed under the MIT license.

Can I get updates?

Changelogs will be added to the documentation. There might be updates that will break a part of your project, but feel free to consult or reach out to the Issues section in our repository.

Is there a documentation?

Yes. You may refer to the link in the header for the extensive documentation of Nextacular.

Can I contribute to the project?

Sure! You may follow the contribution guidelines found in the repository.

Are there projects online that are bootstrapped with this boilerplate?

As of the moment, the projects that are being bootstrapped with this boilerplate are currently being developed. The landing page will be updated for some projects built with Nextacular. Coming soon!

How do I get development support?

Feel free to reach out via Twitter (@nextacular) and via email (arjay.osma@gmail.com) to discuss the details of the support you need.

Can I support the project?

Of course! You can show your support in multiple ways. (1) Be a partner/sponsor to help maintain the project; (2) Buy me a coffee; (3) Contribute to the open-source project with your skills; and (4) Help spread Nextacular to your network by sharing a Tweet or sharing the link via direct messaging. (5) You can also up-vote us on Product Hunt when we launch!

How can I report an issue?

You can report a bug by emailing me on my email address found below and post issues over at the repository in Github.

Is it available in TypeScript?

For the meantime, only JS is supported. Once we get enough support, I will be working on a TS counterpart.

I have other questions!

Feel free to contact me at my email (arjay.osma@gmail.com). You can also post your questions below in the form. My Twitter DM (@nextacular) is also open for questions, suggestions, and feedback.

Still have questions?Drop me an email atarjay.osma@gmail.com

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